San Francisco-based Pacific Organic Produce is importing organic red globe grapes from Peru.

The Peruvian product provides an alternative to South African organic grapes, which can take 35 days to get to the U.S., according to a Pacific Organic news release.

Peruvian fruit, by contrast, can arrive in under three weeks.

“The size and flavor are all really excellent. We’re very excited,” company founder Greg Holzman said in the release. “The U.S. fumigates grapes from Chile, the main supplier of winter grapes, so acquiring organic grapes has been a project of mine for many years.”

Holzman helped start a biopesticide business in Brazil to aid in the development of organic grapes. When that project fell through, he turned his attention to Peru.

Pacific Organic expects to ship up to 35,000 cases of organic Peruvian grapes through mid-March.