From fresh juice “mocktails” for children to zests for grilling, the Daily Squeeze from Paramount Citrus promises to help consumers get the most out of their lemons and limes this summer.

Paramount Citrus launches ‘Daily Squeeze’The Los Angeles-based fruit company launched a website — — June 17 as part of a summer promotion for the company’s lemons and limes, according to a news release.

Paramount will update the site’s content daily with cooking and nutritional information, including recipes from nationally recognized chefs, company officials said in the release.

The company is inviting guest bloggers to participate on the website with tips for using lemons and limes ranging from how to preserve meals with a dash of lemon to how to clean household surfaces. Health and beauty tips are also anticipated, according to the release.

“Daily Squeeze is the perfect resource to learn how experts and other families are incorporating these zesty fruits into summer entertaining plans,” Paramount vice president of sales and trade marketing Scott Owens said in the release.

“From spreads and delicacies to a simple glass of water, a squeeze of lemon or lime can be the ultimate enhancer.”