The Canadian Food Inspection Agency issued a public warning April 4 regarding possible cryptosporidium contamination of fresh parsley sold at one grocery store in Saskatchewan.

The implicated parsley was sold one day, March 19, at a Canada Safeway store. It was sold in banded bunches. The bands carried the Boskovich brand name and “Product of USA” labeling.

No illnesses have been reported in relation to the potentially contaminated parsley, according to a news release from the agency. Garfield Balsom, a food safety and recall specialist with the Canadian agency, said the contamination was found during a random sampling.

Calls to Canada Safeway and Boskovich Farms, Oxnard, Calif., were not immediately returned.

The Canadian food safety agency warned that food contaminated with cryptosporidium may not look or smell spoiled. A protozoan parasite carries the pathogen, which thrives in water and is transmitted from person to person through direct contact with feces.