Peapod LLC is partnering with an aquaponic and aeroponic grower-shipper to supply more Chicagoans with local produce.

Peapod to market aquaponic, aeroponic productsThe Chicago-based online grocer’s partnership with Farmedhere LLC plans to supply organic and baby arugula, mini-greens, mints, salad mixes, sweet and Thai basil, other leafy greens and other products, according to a news release.

The Bedford Park, Ill., Farmedhere grows in a chemical-free and pesticide-free environment that doesn’t use soil, according to the release.

The controlled environment using vertically-stacked growing beds helps with plant growth and achieves a more than 90% crop success rate, according to the release.

Peapod to market aquaponic, aeroponic products“Locally grown is the way to go,” Tony Stallone, Peapod’s vice president of merchandising and food safety, said in the release. “At Peapod, we support the farm-to-shelf movement, and Farmedhere’s fresh, flavorful greens — sourced within 15 miles and 24 hours of harvest — will be a welcome addition to our online produce aisles.”

The indoor Chicago urban farming operation houses the nation’s only U.S. Department of Agriculture Organic-certified aquaponic indoor growing system, according to the release.

Peapod is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dutch retailer Royal Ahold.