Peruvian avocados do not need cold treatments to be exported to Chile.

Because no viruses have been found since an inspection protocol was instituted, Chile’s Ministry of Agriculture green-lighted imports of Peruvian hass avocados without the treatments, according to a Financial Times story.

“Chile has to respect its phytosanitary patrimony, but keeping in mind that it’s an open country and that it has to be respectful of international market rules,” Luis Mayol, Chile’s minister of agriculture, said in the story. “We have earned a huge reputation for being a serious country, which protects its health whilst meeting WTO international standards.”

Mayol said Chile’s Agricultural and Livestock Service would continue its current protocol to prevent the spread of viruses and pests.

“We have to be consistent and respectful of international trade rules,” he said. “The United States has been exporting to Chile for the past 14 years and we’ve never had events. We mustn’t expose ourselves to a WTO panel.”

Chile‘s decision was made after Mayol met with the president of the Hass Avocado Committee, Aldolfo Ochagavía.