Peruvian Avocado Commission expands radio adsThe Peruvian Avocado Commission’s summer radio ad campaigned has expanded.

Initially, the campaign was to include 17 markets, Xavier Equihua, the commission’s chief executive officer, said in a news release. But the commission quickly decided it needed to grow.

“Within days of the launch, the campaign expanded to 25 markets across the country, in great part because of the innovative radio spots that we are providing our retail partners,” Equihua said.

The 10-week campaign began in late June and has been a big success thus far, Equihua said.

“The availability of high quality fruit, and the uniqueness of the radio spots that incorporate retail partners’ brands, coupled with tailor-made promotional opportunities, is novel for the industry.”

The ads are personalized for each market, with individual retailers in each market mentioned in the ads.

The radio ad campaign is one of many planks in a big marketing push by the commission this summer. Other efforts include a new website, social media and ads in trade publications.