The official licenser of Pink Lady apples marketed in the U.S. has launched a promotion highlighting the families who grow the apples.

“My Family Grows Great Apples” is the title of the promotion, which includes new posters for retailers and social media platforms, according to a news release from Wenatchee, Wash.-based Pink Lady America LLC.

Posters will include a photo of the grower’s family and facts detailing different aspects of the growing process. The facts will be attributed to a child or children of the grower.

The campaign is aimed at connecting consumers with the source of the apples they’re enjoying.

“There can be no doubt that today’s consumers are blessed by the results of a complicated and sophisticated delivery system which puts these fresh, tasty and healthy apples in the produce department,” Alan Taylor, Pink Lady America’s marketing director, said in the release. “However, it should be worthwhile for these same consumers to actually see what may even look like familiar family faces who work very hard to grow these high-quality fresh fruit products.”