Potandon Produce LLC is now the exclusive marketing agent for the Highland Growers Cooperative and its packing facility, Idaho Sunfresh.

The addition of Rigby, Idaho-based Highland Growers and Idaho Sunfresh gives Idaho Falls, Idaho-based Potandon nine co-ops and 15 packing facilities nationwide, according to a Potandon news release.

“We have been working with Highland and Idaho Sunfresh for the past several weeks to complete the deal and are now pleased to have the opportunity to grow our Idaho russet burbank potato supply base,” Dick Thomas, Potandon’s vice president of sales for Potandon, said in the release.

Highland and Idaho Sunfresh decided to join forces with Potandon because of the company’s reputation and history of innovation, Dave Robison, an Idaho Sunfresh owner, said in the release.

“The Highland growers are quality-driven and have an excellent reputation of putting out a great crop year after year,” he said. “Our prior experience with Potandon’s processes and its staff made the decision to join them quite easy, and we are looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship.”