Potandon Produce LLC plans to introduce two new potato varieties Oct. 17-19 at the Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit in Anaheim, Calif.

Potandon to showcase new potato varieties at PMAKlondike Royale is a yellow fleshed potato of French heritage that brings a different plate presentation as the skin’s surface features naturally occurring kiss-shaped purple marks, according to a news release.

The smiley’s is a petite yellow potato with skin surface marks which resemble smiles, making the variety a child-friendly potato, according to the release.

The Idaho Falls, Idaho-based grower-shipper test marketed the Klondike Royale in select regions last season.

It is available in a 3-pound upright bag and in a newly created 5-pound poly bag.

Potandon plans to market and merchandise the variety as a complimentary item to its copyrighted Klondike Rose and Klondike Goldust products, according to the release.

Potandon plans to market the smiley variety in 3-pound Green Giant-branded poly bags that for the first time will feature the Green Giant Sprout on a fresh potato bag, according to the release.

Additionally, Potandon plans to provide customers the first glimpse of the company’s new organic potato packaging which is scheduled for release in late November, according to the release.