The U.S. Potato Board has agreed to limit the size of its Potatoes: Goodness Unearthed logo on retail bags and boxes.

In a deal with the Eagle-based Idaho Potato Commission announced Oct. 7, the Denver-based board agreed to limit the size of the logo to 2 1/2 inches for bags 10 pounds and smaller, 3 1/2 inches for bags larger than 10 pounds and 4 inches for 50-pound cartons, according to a joint news release from the board and commission.

In addition, all shippers who use the logo on their packaging must be licensed by the board, and an industry review committee will ensure that all uses are in compliance with the new regulations.

Potato groups reach agreement on labelsThe agreement ends a longstanding debate over the proper use of the Goodness Unearthed logo. The commission said it had been promised that the logo would not be used on retail bags, and that it was created to be a trademark, not a brand.

Its use by some shippers, who display the logo prominently on bags, transformed it into a brand that rivaled the Idaho brand, according to the commission.

Board officials said that Goodness Unearthed was always intended to be used on bags.

“I am pleased the USPB has responded to Idaho’s concerns” Frank Muir, the commission’s president and chief executive officer, said in the release. “Tim and I had a very good discussion that resulted in this agreement, which we were able to endorse to our respective organizations.”

Tim O’Connor is the board’s president and chief executive officer.