About 250 million cwt. of potatoes had yet to be shipped from the top 13 producing U.S. states on Dec. 1, 4% more than the year before.

Potato disappearance, at 129 million cwt., was 10% higher than last year on Dec. 1, according to the Dec. 15 Potato Stocks report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service.

Potatoes in storage on Dec. 1 accounted for 66% of fall production, down 1% from the year before.

At 13.5 million cwt., the share of potatoes lost to shrink and loss was 6% higher than in 2010.

About 88 million cwt. of Idaho potatoes were still in storage on Dec. 1, up from 81 million last year. Washington’s holdings climbed from 52 million to 58 million and Oregon’s from 16.4 million to 17.9 million.

Holdings were down, however, in the next five largest producing states: Wisconsin, Colorado, North Dakota, Maine and Minnesota.