Bluezone fresh preservation technology has been licensed by Primaira LLC, Woburn, Mass., to Maersk Container Industry, the container manufacturing unit of the A.P. Moller-Maersk Group.

The firms are in partnership to bring the Bluezone air cleaning system into Star Cool Integrated refrigerated containers, according to a news release from Primaira. The technology is effective in extending shelf life, reducing produce shrink and sustaining quality, according to the release.

“We see the Bluezone technology in the Star Cool reefer as a ‘game changer’ for refrigerated transport,” Soren Leth Johannsen, chief commercial officer of MCI, said in the release.

The partnership is a big step in the commercialization of the process initially developed for the U.S. Army, Primaira owners Phil Carbone and Karen Benedek said in the release.

The Bluezone technology works by removing ethylene, a natural plant hormone, and microbes from the atmosphere of refrigerated containers, according to the release. That helps maintain the color, texture and taste of fruits and vegetables for longer periods of time, according to the release.

The Bluezone technology has already shown its value in stationary cold storage for kiwifruit in Australia, Keith Maggs, of Environmental Technologies Australia, said in the release.

The anti-microbial effectiveness of the Bluezone also has been established in packinghouse and cold storage trials, according to the release.

“We have witnessed significant reduction in airborne mold and mold growth in tomato pack houses,” Maggs said in the release. “In pineapple trials, Bluezone technology reduced bacteria, yeast and mold counts on surfaces in just 13 days.”

More information about the technology is available online.