Ramon Fernandez, owner and president of ProLabel Inc., Miami Gardens, Fla., believes digital printing is the wave of the future.

The company spent nearly $1 million to add the Xeikon 3030 digital press several months ago and business continues to increase.

“It’s been absolutely phenomenal,” Fernandez said, referring to the response the company has received from customers who switch to digital printing. “We’re booking that press up quickly.”

The Xeikon digital press doesn’t require the creation and use of a design plate to create each print, which reduces turnaround time for each project.

It’s also easier to produce smaller quantities of various print designs within one project.

Fernandez sees the potential for the press to help produce companies meet new traceability requirements.

“With the Xeikon, we can print 100,000 labels, but every 10,000 or so can have different numbers to trace it back to the correct date and place of origin, without needing separate plates for each change,” he said.

The ink the company uses is compliant with Food and Drug Administration guidelines for food safety, another feature that makes the Xeikon a good match for produce suppliers.

“It’s a little more expensive to use than our other press, but the quality and ability to change artwork as needed is worth it,” he said.