In recognition of the fact that children aren’t in control of household budgets, Produce for Kids launched an initiative designed to help the holders of the purse strings more easily fit fresh fruits and vegetables into their routines.

Parents on Produce launched on the eve of school lunch week, Oct. 10-14, with parents offering advice on making healthy eating easier for families, according to a news release from Orlando, Fla.-based Produce for Kids.

Five women make up the Parents on Produce “influencers,” as the Produce for Kids organization has dubbed them. The women include a pediatrician, a psychologist, an elementary school teacher, a finance consultant and the author of a meal planning blog. All five are mothers of young children. They are featured in a new area on the PFK website.

In the announcement about the initiative, Produce for Kids executive director Heidi McIntyre said it includes tools to encourage families to cook together, eat healthier and make mealtime family time.

Produce for Kids, created in 2002 by Shuman Produce Inc., Reidsville, Ga., also updated the PFK website with new information in the Nutrition for You section. There are also new interactive capabilities to help parents with meal planning.