Produce for Kids is enlisting a communications firm to help spread the word about its programs to improve children’s nutrition.

Produce for Kids employs new agency for campaignsThe Orlando, Fla.-based organization is employing the New York-based Child’s Play Communications public relations firm. Child’s Play connects companies with mothers, according to a news release.

The agency plans to handle Produce for Kids’ 10th anniversary campaign, Get Healthy, Give Hope, and use traditional media, blogs and social media.

Child’s Play plans to send visitor traffic to, a resource designed to educate people about healthy family meal planning and plans to boost consumer awareness of the group’s campaign. Child’s Play plans to take advantage of its relationships with other clients to develop family-focused events to capture consumer interest, according to the release.

“Child’s Play Communications provides us with direct access to moms and families,” Kim Avola, Produce for Kids’ vice president, said in the release. “As moms are the key decision makers about their family’s nutrition and meal preparation, the agency was our top choice.”