Employees of freight broker Total Quality Logistics lost more than 2,000 pounds in the company’s annual weight loss challenge, and fresh produce played a big role.

Inspired by the “Biggest Loser” TV show, Cincinnati-based TQL has held the challenge every year since 2009. This year’s challenge included 250 employees from 17 of the company’s 18 offices.

“Our employees certainly did it by making fresh produce a much more important part of their daily diet,” said Kristine Glenn, a TQL public relations specialist.

The challenge began in January. For eight weeks, employees competed as individuals and teams for the largest percentage of weight loss, the largest reduction in body fat percentage, the most points lost from their body mass index and the most inches lost around the middle.

For this year’s challenge, TQL added an online discussion board, where employees could share tips on healthy snacks and favorite workout tunes and compete in weekly mini challenges.

In other efforts to keep its employees healthy, TQL has a 10,000-square-foot workout facility at its corporate headquarters in Cincinnati, access to fitness centers at its satellite offices and after-hours events that encourage physical activity, including basketball tournaments, dodgeball challenges and the TQL Running Club.