Bucking worldwide economic trends, Purfresh Inc. logged the fifth consecutive year of growth with Purfresh Transport cargo protection in 2011.

The Fremont, Calif., company announced a 200% year-to-year growth for Purfresh Transport Feb. 8 at Fruit Logistica 2012 in Berlin. Much of the growth is attributed to worldwide adoption, according to the announcement.

Purfresh president and chief executive officer Brian Westcott said in the announcement that another factor in the growth of the cargo protection product is the CE mark of approval. Formerly known as the EC mark — or European Conformity mark — the certification is mandatory for many products in the European Union.

Expecting even more growth, Purfresh announced Feb. 8 it is accelerating production of Purfresh Transport. That move is in response to demand, which saw growers and shippers use it to protect more than double the number of commodities in 2011 as they did in 2012.

More than 20 ocean carriers who serve more than 140 ports worldwide offer Purfresh Transport to their customers, the announcement stated. The system uses Intellipur software, which provides real-time communication via GSM and satellite modems to monitor and track individual loads.

Purfresh Transport is effective for more than 40 days, allowing shippers to use less expensive ocean transport instead of air freight. It provides active atmosphere enhancement to prevent decay, control ripening, and reduce foodborne pathogens, according to the company’s website.