Purfresh can give pineapple shippers a longer reach on the seas.

The Fremont, Calif.-based company announced in a news release that pineapple shippers worldwide use its Purfresh Transport product to reach markets that were previously unattainable through ocean transit.

It says the product is being used to ship pineapples from Central and South America to Eastern Europe, Turkey, Georgia, Russia, Greece, the Middle East and North Africa in 21 to 36 days.

Pineapples are at a higher risk of degradation during long ocean transport because they’re susceptible to mold and other decaying pathogens and color change from the buildup of ethylene. Purfresh Transport is an ozone-based protection technology that kills bacteria and removes ethylene during the haul.

Purfresh touts its product as superior to traditional controlled atmosphere technologies or fungicides, which it says do little to extend shelf life and can be worse for pineapple flesh translucency.

Roberto Rojas Vargas, general manager of Calle Real Products, one of Purfresh Transport’s clients, said in the release that his company’s pineapples had been arriving at their destinations in superior condition, and that the technology was helping it grow its business by providing access to new markets.