RJO Produce Marketing has begun testing Google Glass in its field inspection program.

The Fresno, Calif.-based marketer has been using the technology since late December, pursuing possible integration with its Bird Dog field inspection app.

The Google technology and the app offer tools for the company’s Bird Dog internship program for agricultural science and produce industry majors. The program inspects products prior to shipment to RJO clients nationwide. Interns are dubbed Bird Dogs.

Google Glass, headwear similar to eyeglasses, enables taking photos and interacting with the Internet through gestures and voice commands.

“We were immediately able to do pictures in the inspection process through Google Glass,” said Rob O’Rourke, vice president of sales and marketing. “Through the eyes of the Bird Dog we were able to see exactly what the quality is.”

“We’re tying those pictures into the app instead of using handhelds to take pictures,” O’Rourke said. “For us that’s a starting point. As Google Glass evolves, there may be an opportunity to actually apply the app itself to the glass. We’ll be testing to see if we could take pieces of the app and get it in there.”

Google Glass works with various gestures, such as blinking, to move through programs. RJO Produce Marketing has been using it to augment handhelds.

“As they continue to develop the abilities of the glass, we’ll work on the application side and see if it helps,” O’Rourke said. “There’s a lot of potential for that to grow and make things more efficient.”

RJO’s Bird Dog app and quality scoring system, introduced by the company last year, provide quantifiable information based on each client’s quality specifications.