Rainier Fruit Co. has redesigned its organic blueberry clamshell label to make the product more easily distinguishable from conventional berries.

The new package is expected to launch in mid-June with the start of the company’s blueberry season, according to a news release.

A grocery store trip taken during the design process showed too little difference between organic and conventional labeling, according to Suzanne Wolter, director of marketing at Yakima, Wash.-based Rainier Fruit.

“I had to visit the display three times to locate the organic package,” Wolter said in the release. “The subtle label differences made it difficult to easily identify. I can only imagine a consumer’s frustration during a shopping trip.

“Our goal was to visually draw the consumer to our brand and prominently position the organic identification,” she said in the release.

Rainier Fruit expects to harvest nearly 6 million pounds of blueberries, 50% more than last year, from 500 acres of its own ranches. The company grows the majority organically. Peak production is late June through the end of July, with harvests continuing through early October.