Last year, Ready Pac Foods Inc. sold more than 110 million pounds of fruit and vegetable byproducts to dairy farmers as part of its ongoing sustainability initiatives.

Irwindale, Calif.-based Ready Pac Foods is touting such efforts in light of statistics indicating 79% of consumers prefer sustainably grown produce, according to a news release.

Ready Pac initiatives have also:


  • Recycled 8,600 tons of cardboard and plastics annually;
  • Saved or earned more than $1 million annually from recycling, including paper and metals;
  • Donated more than 500,000 bags and trays of produce last year to food banks and charities;
  • Used recyclable packing and shipping materials in its Bistro Bowl Salad line;
  • Centralized production scheduling to reduce operating hours and utility consumption; and
  • Reduced waste loads 50% to 75% using trash compactors, among other actions.


“For decades, Ready Pac has participated in environmentally friendly business practices such as sending our byproducts for use as animal feed,” Tristan Simpson, director of marketing, said in the release. “We added the criteria of social responsibility and economic value to our sustainability plans, and the combined program is yielding outstanding results.”