Santa Clara, Calif.-based RedLine Solutions has introduced the Transporter, which helps eliminate “data silos” and allows data to be shared among applications with a minimum amount of input.

Whole Foods was one of the first to use the tool to let suppliers send updates and deliver advanced shipping notices as part of the retailer’s traceability program.

Data silos are a common complaint of the produce industry as information from one application is difficult to transport and share with the next vendor and application along the supply chain, according to a news release.

The Transporter eases that challenge and allows users to take a “set it and forget it” approach to data sharing. It can be run manually or on a specific schedule.

The Transporter also saves grower-shippers the chore of manually entering information in a supplier portal or formatting data to be sent to a third-party electronic data interchange service for managing shipping information.

The tool also supports RedLine’s PTI Lite and will be integrated with the company’s other inventory and traceability software in the near future.