RedLine Solutions Inc., has added a new capability in its cooler product line.

The Directed Put-Away software feature in the trademarked RedLine Cooler product line allows for improved efficiencies and better use of space for cooler operations, according to a news release.

Directed Put-Away directs placement of bins or pallets by analyzing the optimal location based on pre-determined rules, according to the release.

The software then directs forklift drivers to the best product put-away locations based on selected rules.

The change is the latest upgrade of the “directed” features which also includes picking, reserving and shipping, according to the release.

The features enforce rules that minimize the need for worker decisions while improving stock rotation and order fulfillment.

The feature is available in the premium version and customers can upgrade from their current versions to get the new function.

“Directed Put-Away creates a whole new level of efficiency by taking the guesswork out of put-away locations,” Todd Baggett, chief executive officer, said in the release. “With this extended functionality, RedLine Cooler continues to build on its … software platform for produce.”