A partnership between RedLine Solutions Inc., and Compu-Tech Inc., is bearing fruit through a new product introduction.

On Dec. 4, the Santa Clara, Calif.-based data collection systems manufacturer Redline and the Wenatchee, Wash.-based Compu-Tech Inc., promoted RedLine Cooler CT, the first product introduced through the recent partnership at Kershaw Fruit and Cold Storage Inc., in Yakima, Wash.

The trademarked product combines RedLine’s mobile warehouse management systems capabilities and provides immediate inventory updates to Compu-Tech’s Agribusiness System’s Pallet Ticket Module.

The two companies stated another company has ordered the new system for implementation scheduled for early 2014 with several others to follow, according to a news release.

Kershaw Fruit installed the system in September and included the Motorola 9190 mobile barcode scanners, according to the release.

“We now have confidence our forklift drivers are getting the right pallets at the right time, improving our product rotation far beyond where we had been,” Eric Skiles, Kershaw Fruit’s IT manager, said in the release.

The system is also improving efficiencies at Kershaw Fruit and showing a 30% labor savings, Skiles said in the release.

RedLine’s pallet movement, quick and directed shipping functions provide real-time pallet location management and directed staging integrates with Compu-Tech’s staging module to help forklift drivers select the correct pallets for shipping, according to the release.