Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man began appearing nationwide in July on Sage Fruit Co. cherry pouch bags, as well as on retail display bins.

Spider-Man is the favorite action-based character for boys, according to Q Scores — part of the demographic Yakima, Wash.-based Sage Fruit aims to reach.

“Sage Fruit is dedicated to encouraging a healthy lifestyle in not only adults but children as well,” Chuck Sinks, president of sales and marketing, said in a news release. “Our hope is that with this new collaboration, we can reach a younger demographic and that we can help parents by making nutritious eating and physical activity simple and fun.”

The shipper also plans to launch packaging and marketing options with the Marvel character for its upcoming apple and pear crops.

“Marvel’s characters are about strength, performance, and doing the right thing,” Michael Jerchower, director of licensing at Marvel, said in the release, and offer a way to encourage healthy eating habits in children.