ShockWatch has introduced a new version of its ColdMark2 system.

The updated product from the Dallas-based manufacturer of impact, tilt and temperature monitors activates at a temperature threshold of 32 degrees Fahrenheit, according to a news release.

With the lower temperature indicator, customers can conclusively determine whether their products were exposed to freezing and potentially damaging temperatures, such as fresh produce.

Shippers affix the ColdMark2 to the package and press a button to activate is it.

If temperatures dip to 32 degrees for up to an hour, an indicator turns red which allows users to easily detect items that may have been damaged by freezing, according to the release.

Once activated, the single-use indicators remain active for six months in near-freezing temperatures and for about a week at 46-72 degrees, according to the release.

Each indicator includes a identifier to support tracking and anti-tampering, according to the release.