Salinas, Calif.-based New Leaf Food Safety Solutions has changed its name to SmartWash Solutions.

The renaming coincided with the debut of the company’s automated SmartWash analytic platform, or ASAP, at the 2012 United Fresh show in Dallas May 1-3.

SmartWash Solutions is a unit of Taylor Fresh Foods. The SmartWash product, aimed at eliminating cross-contamination, debuted in 2009.

“We’re excited about the new name because it better describes what we do: provide smart, scientifically proven process control and unparalleled food safety,” Tanya Mason, vice president of business development, said in a news release.

The change aligns the company’s name with that of its wash enhancing system, which combines SmartWash liquid formula with free chlorine.

ASAP joins the SmartWash analytical system with a chlorine monitoring system in one automated platform.

The platform monitors and controls pH, free chlorine and temperature while injecting calculated amounts of SmartWash into the line.

“By combining all three steps, the process is streamlined into one efficient system assuring that cross contamination of pathogens does not occur,” Mason said in the release.

The analytical system injects calculated amounts of SmartWash and chlorine into single or multistage wash equipment. It can connect independently to the wash line, or be integrated into the water supply for constant pH and optimal free chlorine levels, according to the release.

Probes on the monitoring system bring free chlorine and temperature data to the analytical system, which has a touch-screen interface.

More information is available at the company website.