Snack It Forward LLC is launching Sunkist Fruit 2.0, a line of freeze-dried fruits.

Under license from Sunkist Growers, it will be introduced at the Produce Marketing Association Fresh Summit Oct. 17-19 in Anaheim, Calif.

The bagged items include sliced fuji apples, bananas, strawberries and red seedless grapes. They have no added sugar or colors.

After the trade show, Snack It Forward LLC — previously known as Trifecta Foods LLC — will start rolling out the line for nationwide retail.

“Sunkist Fruit 2.0 is a focused product line with the goal in mind of offering a high velocity, low (stock-keeping unit) intensive program to enhance retailer produce offerings in a time when consumers are seeking convenient and new better-for-you snack options,” Nick Desai, chief executive officer at Snack it Forward, said in a release.

In 2012 the company introduced Sunkist Blends, a line of fruit and nut mixes.