A Reno, Nev.-based solar energy provider has partnered with a Nevada grower on a greenhouse tomato project in Nevada.

SunScience Corp. and Lovelock, Nev.-based DoubleTree Ranch combined their talents to produce an experimental crop of Nevada greenhouse tomatoes in January, according to a SunScience news release.

The project employed SunScience’s Energy Management System, a hybrid solar energy system that produces heat or electricity.

In addition to using solar energy, the SunScience system allows for the use of batteries, wind turbines or generators to complement the solar power.

The system is managed by SunScience’s proprietary Data Communications System software, which monitors and controls critical elements of energy output, storage and environmental metrics, according to the release.

Soil temperature, water usage, humidity, Ph factor and other variables can be monitored in the system.

The company believes the technology will expand greenhouse production in colder climates, where traditional energy costs can be prohibitive.

SunScience’s Energy Management System has a variety of benefits, according to the company, including:

• up to two additional harvests;
• conservation of water usage;
• control over greenhouse climate during winter, mitigating frost damage;
• ability to grow and sell vegetables off-season.

In recognition of Energy Management System and its other technologies, SunScience was recently selected as Entrepreneur of the Year by the Reno Gazette Journal, according to the release.