Stand-up bags continue to gain ground in Chilean grape packaging.

Vero Beach, Fla.-based Seald Sweet International expects to have promotional volumes packed in both stand-up handle and pouch bags into May, said Chris DeSana, the company’s grape commodity manager.

Of the two, the stand-up is the one trending upward.

“We will be packing a lot of fruit in the stand-up handle bag, most of which will be Seald Sweet brand with brand specific barcodes for better traceability.”

DeSana also expects more predictability for retailers in much of Seald Sweet’s packaging this season.

“We’re taking on more fixed price programs in retail-driven packaging,” he said.

Mark Greenberg, president and chief executive officer of Capespan North America LLC, St. Laurent, Quebec, said stand-up bags are becoming more and more the norm for shippers of Chilean grapes to North America.

“Chile is being increasingly forced to pack loose table grapes into the stand-up or gusseted bag,” he said. “It offers greater eye appeal with higher-color graphics and a higher quality look. “Many chains are demanding it this season, consistent with their domestic packaging.”

As with other changes in produce packaging, however, the move towards stand-ups has cons as well as pros, Greenberg said.

“Growers are resisting it as it adds cost, and the growers are not so sure the additional cost will be reflected in the sales price,” he said. “It’s an understandable response — not unlike the response when the market forced the switch from standard poly bags to sliders or (zippers).”

Like all periods of transition, though, this one should end well for growers.

“In the end, growers that pack what the high-paying chains demand will get the top of the market price for their products,” Greenberg said.