Rushing Rivers is the new label for all Stemilt Growers LLC conventional pears, as the company brings attention to the fruit from one of the world’s premier growing regions.

“Basically the idea behind that is that Stemilt really dominates the two rivers region — the Wenatchee Valley River and the Entiat River Valley locale — which are famous here in Washington state and also worldwide for growing high-quality pears,” said Brianna Shales, communications manager.

The label — with the tag line “the best pear locales in the world” — will help Wenatchee, Wash.-based Stemilt tell the story of the pears to consumers and the trade, Shales said. Like the Napa Valley is known for excellent wine grapes, the aim of the Rushing Rivers label aims for a similar image for pears, she said.

The label will be used for export and domestic conventional pears. Stemilt’s organic pears will be marketed under the Artisan Organics label.

“With our strong presence through own orchards, and our partnership with Pestashin Hi-Up Growers, we grow pack and ship within this amazing pear locale,” she said. “We will tell the story behind the fruit, where it comes from and how it is grown.”

The logo design was developed in-house, she said, and Stemilt plans to promote and advertise the label to the trade extensively. Shales said the success of the Kyle’s Pick program for cherries demonstrates that consumers and the trade appreciate the story behind premium fruit.

“We are really excited. It all comes back to telling that story of where the crop was grown and consumers want more of that,” she said.

Stemilt is planning retail back-to-school ads, with the goal to have retailers promote both apples and pears “early and often,” Shales said.

The Lil Snappers program is entering its fourth year for apples and pears, and Shales said the child-themed program has been a big success. The smaller fruit in the bag make it a hit for children, she said. Pear varieties featured in the Lil Snappers program include bosc, bartlett and anjou.

Shales said the label could create new ways that consumers think of pears.

The Rushing Rivers label will be prominent in retail displays, with boxes displaying the label in a big way.

“We’re really encouraging people to get started early with pears, coming off the summer fruits that have been in season,” she said. “Keep that momentum going, particularly for red pears and bartlett pears.”

Shales said the full range of varieties will be ready to promote in October, making it a great time for retailers to run pear ads with multiple varieties,” she said.

Stemilt also can ripen pears for retailers, if needed.

“We try to push everyone to a ripened pear. It boosts the experience,” she said.