(UPDATED COVERAGE, 2:08 p.m.) Stemilt Growers Inc. is introducing a line of bagged kid-sized apples and pears.

The Lil Snappers line features size 125 and size 113 apples and pears in three-pound bags with handles, said Roger Pepperl, marketing director for Wenatchee, Wash.-based Stemilt.

Product began shipping in early October and should be on some shelves the week of Oct. 10, Pepperl said.

The bags stand up and are resealable. For retail display, they ship in specially designed bins that hold 12 bags and shippers that hold nine bags. Lil Snappers bags, bins and point-of-sale signs have quick-response codes consumers can scan for more information.

Apples are available in gala, granny smith, Honeycrisp, Pinata and Pink Lady varieties. Pears are available in the anjou variety.

In test markets last spring, the bags sold four times better than other 3-pound bags, Pepperl said. In launching Lil Snappers, Stemilt wants to market a 3-pound bag that actually appeals to consumers.

“Three-pound bags are often just thrown on a table and left as a value item,” Pepperl said.

Stemilt hopes the line emulates the success of another commodity that took off when it was placed in a user-friendly bag - clementines.

“Look at clementines now vs. 15, 16, 17 years ago,” he said. “They took it out of that commodity world.”

Because it stands up, the Lil Snappers bag has less chance of getting lost in the refrigerator, Pepperl said. And because bags are resealable, they don’t have to be put in the crisper.

Several varieties of Lil Snappers can be sold at a time, or retailers can choose to cycle them in one variety at a time, Pepperl said.