Stemilt launches new pear labelStemilt Growers has introduced a new label for its pears.

The label, Rushing Rivers, draws attention to where Wenatchee, Wash.-based Stemilt sources its pears — from Washington’s Wenatchee and Entiat river valleys, according to a company news release.

The name reflects increased demand among consumers to know where their foods come from, according to research cited in the release.

The new white Rushing Rivers carton features the new logo, the tagline “the best pear locales in the world” and text about where the pears came from and how they were grown.

“Consumers are looking for transparency when it comes to food and fruit, and our pears have a special story to tell,” Stemilt’s marketing director, Roger Pepperl, said in the release. “Rushing Rivers pears are born and raised in the premier growing grounds for pears, where the combination of alpine mountains, clean rivers and fertile soils creates the perfect environment for growing clean, high-quality, and dessert- flavored pears.”

To support the new label, Stemilt created a Rushing Rivers page on its website with a trailer video about where and how the company’s pears are grown.