Foodservice supplier FreshPoint San Francisco was one of 12 companies operating in Alameda County honored at the StopWaste Business Efficiency Awards.

FreshPoint’s 35,000 square-foot facility, about half of it refrigerated, is in Union City. The company cut its garbage collection service from 70 to 20 cubic yards weekly, saving $48,000 annually, according to a news release.

FreshPoint and StopWaste set up a system to capture recyclable and compostable materials. A large compost collection bin is onsite in Union City, plus sort stations in break rooms.

StopWaste executive director Gary Wolff presented the awards in Oakland in May.

FreshPoint offers fresh fruit and vegetables, including specialty and organic items, plus fresh pastas, fresh juice, rice and frozen products.

Other honorees included McDonald’s Pacific Sierra Region and Tesla Motors Inc.

“As these awardees demonstrate, there are opportunities for increased business efficiency in all industry sectors and in all areas, from manufacturing to product sales to handling discards,” Wolff said in the release.