Online produce trading platform FoodLink will provide traceability for Sun World International’s grape and pepper programs.

The item-level traceability will include smartphone scannable QR codes on millions of Sun World packages, according to a news release from Los Gatos, Calif.-based FoodLink.

FoodLink plans to eventually provide item-level coverage for all of Sun World’s products.

“We are happy to be working with FoodLink on this important project, which will give Sun World a distinct market advantage in terms of food safety and production technology,” Claudio Olave, Sun World’s director of innovation and special projects, said in the release.

FoodLink will work with Sun World’s packing partners to identify product details and record information including growing location and lot number. Consumers will then be able to scan a QR code any Sun World product to learn about its origin.

FoodLink’s Web-based network directly links information from the field all the way through packing, shipping and purchasing by retail category managers.

FoodLink’s commerce and traceability platform connects fresh food retailers and wholesalers to a network of over 2,000 growers, packers and shippers.