Bakersfield, Calif.-based Sun World International LLC has inked licensing agreements with three new international grower-shipper partners.Sun World adds global license partner firms

A stonefruit license was issued to Tanynature SA of Spain while Spain’s MOYCA and COANA of Brazil were licensed to grow and market varieties of Sun World-bred seedless grapes, according to a news release.

“Spain is an essential supply platform for Europe, and these new appointments will boost the production capacity as well as the accessibility to our varieties by key retailers and distributors throughout Europe and the United Kingdom,” Johan Jooste, Sun World’s vice president of international licensing, said in the release.

MOYCA and Tanynature grow fruit for El Ciruelo of Spain, a fruit shipper-distributor that holds dual Sun World licenses for stonefruit and grapes. COANA is a cooperative of five Brazilian grape grower-shippers.

The stonefruit license issued to Tanynature includes several plum varieties, Honeycot-labeled apricots, peaches sold under the Amber Crest label and Super Star-labeled nectarines.

Grapes covered by the licenses issued to MOYOCA and COANA include white, red and black varieties sold under the Midnight Beauty, Scarlotta, Sable and Sophia labels.

Sun World’s fruit licensing program involves more than 1,000 producers and marketing companies in most of the world’s major fruit-growing regions, according to the release.