SunFed, Rio Rico, Ariz., has begun installing a solar power system on its 46,000-square-foot refrigerated produce distribution facility.

The solar system is expected to produce more than 620,000 kilowatt hours annually, eliminating nearly 336 metric tons of carbon-equivalent emissions from the atmosphere, according to a news release.

“SunFed has a deep commitment to the environment and a long history of taking strides to Sun feeds SunFed’s power needsoperate in the most sustainable way possible,” Matt Mandel, vice president of sales and marketing said in the release. “It started over ten years ago with our use of MA/MH packaging to eliminate waste in the supply chain. This is another critical step down the path of supplying the best fruits and vegetables in an environmentally-conscientious manner.”

SmartSolar Solutions will provide the installation of the panels and a monitoring system that will give live data to show how much electricity the solar system produces.

There will be a total of 1,744 solar modules mounted on SunFed’s roof, according to the release.

“This is an interesting design in that to be able to install solar modules on the north facing roof area we needed to design a custom reverse tilt stadium solution to keep the modules tilted south,” Mandel said in the release.

The project is scheduled to be finished in early 2013.