Sunkist Growers is offering retailers six secondary displays to market its fresh citrus beyond the produce department.

Five are corrugated and one is a permanent wire rack display for 3-pound giro bags. The corrugated displays include:


  • Quarter bins in either a generic multiple-variety unit or units promoting cara cara navels, lemons, meyer lemons or Lil Snappers products; and
  • A pedestal display and two-tier unit for Lil Snappers, Sunkist’s most recent product addition.


“Our secondary displays…provide additional retail shelf space and allow retailers to introduce new items and conveniently tie-in fresh citrus sales with complementary items in other departments,” Julie DeWolf, director of retail marketing at Sherman Oaks, Calif.-based Sunkist, said in a news release.

Sunkist also provides recipe booklets, quick response codes and coupons.