Sunsweet Growers Inc. is introducing a line of ingredients derived from its Amazing Plum line of dried plums.

The line is designed to help bakers and food developers create more healthful baked goods with better taste and texture, according to a news release from Yuba City, Calif.-based Sunsweet.

The new ingredients are cost-effective and easily can be incorporated into breads, sweet goods, cereals, confections and snacks, according to the release.

In addition, the ingredients can help bakers reduce sugar and fat content and increase fiber content.

“Our ingredients, which are derived from the Amazing Plum, meld well with hearty whole grains, opening new opportunities for recipe developers to develop great-tasting bakery products with a significantly healthier profile than currently found in the marketplace,” Tom Leahy, a Sunsweet spokesman, said in the release. “Besides great tasting inclusions, the new line includes products that can provide terrific moisture retention for gluten-free items, as well as calorie reduction across a wide range of bakery items.”

New recipes using Amazing Plums include cinnamon-orange plum bread, amazing oatmeal trail cookies and prune bran muffins.