Yakima, Wash.-based Domex Superfresh Growers is launching a mobile website, http://m.superfreshgrowers.com/.

Superfresh Growers is integrating quick response codes into all packaging and point of sale materials as part of the effort, according to a news release. When scanned by a smartphone or tablet computer, the codes can lead to the website, a pdf file or video.

The mobile site can determine the type of device used to access it and format information about apples, pears or cherries to fit, according to the release.

“We can tell (consumers) about the variety, recipes and the like, but perhaps more importantly, we can also show them pictures and video of the growers and the orchards where the fruit is grown,” Loren Queen, marketing and communications manager, said in the release. “Consumers want to know who is growing their food. They want to feel connected to the grower. That’s what’s really driving the local movement.”