An encore advertising schedule for Paramount Farms’ television commercials featuring its Wonderful Pistachios is paying dividends at cash registers.TV advertising helps boost pistachio sales

The Los Angeles-based company’s series of “Get Crackin’” commercials, which debuted last year, returned for an eight-week run beginning in May. Sales of the company’s Wonderful Pistachios and Everybody’s Nuts lines jumped 57% in May at food and drug merchants, according to a news release, while overall snack nut sales growth was just 4%.

“We took an aggressive approach by re-running spots from the 2010 fall ‘Get Crackin’ advertising campaign in the summer, a traditionally quiet period for snack nut promotions,” Marc Seguin, director of marketing, said in the release. “Our approach is showing groundbreaking results for overall category sales and most importantly, brand sales, and confirms that consumers are continuing to exchange other nuts for pistachios.”

The investment for the 2011 advertising schedule is $5.5 million, according to the release. The commercials are seen on programs that attract the 35-54 demographic on several cable channels including Comedy Central, Fox and HGTV, according to the release.

Paramount Farms credits the initial $20 million schedule of the Get Crackin’ commercials with a 233% increase in Wonderful Pistachios sales in 2010, the release said.