Take advantage of 2015 healthful eating trendsAs the new year rings in, many shoppers will be making resolutions to eat more healthful foods, offering retailers merchandising and promotional opportunities. 

Los Alamitos, Calif.-based Frieda’s Specialty Products, which tracks food, nutrition, and health and fitness trends, predicts that shoppers will add more fruits and vegetables to their diets to naturally help prevent disease, according to a news release. 

Among the specific movements are plant-based proteins, digestive health and meatless Mondays.

Some vegetables are surprising protein sources, including colored cauliflower, purple baby Brussels sprouts and green artichokes.

Fermented foods also are trending higher on both healthful lifestyle and foodie lists. Kimchee, a Korean fermented dish made from cabbage or other vegetables, is one capturing the spotlight. Several other vegetables, such as Sunchokes, leeks and pearl onions, also aid digestion, according to the release.

The meatless Monday movement began more than a decade ago and continues today, gaining shoppers’ attention. It encourages consumers to eliminate meat one day per week not only for better health but to reduce environmental impacts, according to the release.

Among Frieda’s meat replacements are Stokes Purple sweet potatoes, chow mein noodles, Soyrizo and SoyTaco.