Tater Man may not have a boy wonder at his side, but he does have a new website and a special box for the 2011-12 sweet potato season.

Based in Dover, Fla., Tater Man specializes in growing and marketing sweet potatoes, with projections to market more than 1 million boxes this season. Some of those sweet potatoes are grown on 325 acres in northern Florida and southern Georgia, but the company also has access to about 25,000 acres of sweet potatoes in the Southeastern U.S.

Mark Vertrees, Tater Man marketing director, said in a new release that the company is focusing on Florida and Georgia consumers this season. Long-term sustainability is also on the Tater Man list of priorities this year. Vertrees said the new Tater Man website, at www.tatermaninc.com, spotlights the locally grown aspect of the company’s sweet potatoes.

Consumers in the same areas where the Tater Man sweet potatoes are grown are the company’s target audience. Vertrees said the website and marketing campaign this fall will promote the concepts of fresher product and the benefits of reduced transportation needs.

Tater Man has new website, boxA new box design is also on tap this season for Tater Man. It features a Suwannee River theme to reinforce the locally grown nature of the sweet potatoes that are grown and sold in the areas along the Florida-Georgia border. A kayaking Tater Man maneuvers along a river on the boxes for Suwannee River Sweets brand of sweet potatoes.

About 80% of the Tater Man sweet potato crop consists of the hernandez and covington varieties. About 10% of the Tater Man crop is in the muraski variety, also called oriental or Japanese sweet potatoes. The remainder of the crop is in the beauregard and evangeline varieties.