Tavilla Sales Co. of Los Angeles is now Vision Produce Co.

The name change reflects partnerships formed in recent years with River Edge, N.J.-based Vision Import Group and Pharr, Texas-based Vision Produce Partners.

Since its establishment in 1980, the business’ focus has shifted from brokerage to importing, sourcing and brand development, company president Bill Vogel said in a news release. It gained national distribution and growers by aligning with Vision Import Group partners Raul Millan and Ron Cohen in 2008.

Vogel formed Vision Produce Partners in February to focus on mangoes and limes out of Mexico, plus other tropical fruit, carrots, Hispanic and chili products. Ben Brittain is executive vice president and managing member.

No changes in ownership or personnel are planned at Los Angeles-based Vision Produce Company as a result of the name change. Web content reflects the change.

Last year the company constructed new offices and coolers in Phoenix, where it has operated since 2003. A branch office in Nogales, Ariz., opened in 2011 to assist with logistics and grower relations in Mexico.

In 2010, the company implemented a solar power system at its Los Angeles facility.

“With a focus on the future, the name Vision Produce Company expresses better our direction, our essence and our identity,” Vogel said in the release.