Alamo, Texas-based Tex Starr Distributing LLC is gearing up for peak volumes of its new Royal Star papaya.

The variety, which soft launched with food bloggers and select retailers in Texas and the Northeast, is grown year-round in Colima, Mexico, said Ryan Woverton, sales manager.

Royal Star papayas have a longer shelf life than the traditional maradol papaya on the market, lasting five days once cut, compared three days for standard varieties. Uncut fruit lasts up to 14 days.

The papayas currently are available select H.E. Butt Co. and Whole Foods stores in Texas and a few retailers in the Northeast, Wolverton said, but the company plans to push distribution to a wider audience when peak volumes begin.

 “Volumes have been a low, steady amount, but we should be starting peak production in mid-June or early July and stay at that level, barring weather, year-round,” he said.

The company initially planned to name the fruit Sweet Star, but changed to Royal Star to satisfy registration issues in Mexico and the U.S., Wolverton said.