I am excited to announce that our subscribers will receive a fresh and modern redesigned Packer in their mailboxes — the first major redesign effort in 14 years.

The changes you see, which started with the Feb. 24 issue, are the result of reader feedback and modern media trends as readers’ habits continue to evolve.

The Packer has always been one of the most trusted brands in the produce industry and, in such, we have been focused on maintaining the brand identity as the most trusted and most respected produce industry publication.

However, as the media world changes, so do the needs of our readers.

You are consuming The Packer’s news in a variety of ways, and it is for this reason that The Packer has expanded its reach rapidly beyond traditional print in recent years with:

  • More than a quarter million visits per month on;
  • A mobile app to take advantage of the rapidly growing smart phone readership;
  • Social media interaction with more Facebook fans and Twitter followers than the rest of the industry media combined; and
  • An annual regional event, the Midwest Produce Expo, to give buyers and sellers in the region a chance to meet face to face at a fraction of the cost of large national events.

With all of this change, The Packer is still the foundational brand of everything we do. The industry respects the paper’s place in the market as the leading provider of up to date, unbiased, and accurate news and information that keeps the industry informed.

This is why we are dedicated to keeping the brand healthy, modern and attractive.

Which brings me to the specific changes that you will see in this issue.

When you read the print issue, the first thing you will notice is:

  • The new, bolder flag on A1 featuring the 121-year-old Packer logo. This bold look will carry through the entire publication;
  • Cleaner, more visually appealing and modern design throughout, making the entire reading experience easier and more enjoyable;
  • Feature stories, exploring topics with more depth including bigger bolder images to attract your attention;
  • Web exclusives and video content will be highlighted;
  • New table of contents on the top of every redesigned section so you can quickly scan for relevant stories inside; and
  • A completely redesigned Handling and Distributing section incorporating the brand of the newest Packer Publication, Produce Ops.

This new section will feature all handling and distributing news including packaging, transportation, food safety and processing. The Produce Ops magazine is now delivered every other month with exclusive feature content designed to educate, while The Packer will cover the critical news of operating side of the produce industry on a weekly basis in print and — as always — the moment it happens online.

On behalf of The Packer staff, I am thrilled to introduce these changes and would love to hear your feedback. I encourage you to e-mail me your thoughts to my address below so we can continue to evolve with your needs.

For those of you who don’t get The Packer delivered to your home or business, you can subscribe to The Packer, any of its sister publications, and all of our newsletters by going to