Avondale, Pa.-based To-Jo Fresh Mushrooms Inc. has partnered with Atlanta-based Farm Star Living to increase consumer and social media engagement.

Farm Star Living, a website and app that celebrate U.S. growers and food, said in a news release that To-Jo Mushrooms joins a list sponsors that include Limoneira Co., Springer Mountain Farms and Sun World International LLC.

Peter Wilder, marketing director for To-Jo Fresh Mushrooms Inc., said July 7 that To-Jo is looking to engage with both their retail customers and consumers.

“This site is something new and different and (Farm Star Living founder Mary Blackmon) is starting to get a lot of exposure out there and we saw this as a great opportunity to enhance our brand presence,” he said.

With Farm Star Living drawing about a million visits per month, Wilder said the partnership is an opportunity to help the company tell its story consumers. Wilder said the company is sponsoring the mushroom section of the Farm Star Living website, and will also be involved with the site’s blog and grower spotlight interview.

The company won’t change its packaging for the tie-in, he said, but the company has a new website landing page for consumers that will give shoppers recipes and inform them of To-Jo’s retail partners.