TransFresh Corp., Salinas, Calif., is introducing BreatheWay technology for blueberry storage.

TransFresh releases BreatheWay technologyThe company’s Tectrol Service Network storage solution for blueberries delivers bag permeability characteristics that match blueberry respiration rates.

“With an increased interest from growers and shippers in blueberry storage capabilities, the application of the BreatheWay membrane technology to the Tectrol blueberry storage solution now offers our business partners added storage benefits,” said Rich Macleod, TransFresh vice president, pallet division North America, in a news release.

TransFresh worked with Landec Corp,, which owns the BreatheWay patent technology, and Landec’s subsidiary Apio Inc.

TransFresh has also released a pallet bag label for its blueberry program.

The new label features a blueberry image with the TransFresh logo and Apio, Inc. BreatheWay technology identification and patent number.