Triangle Package Machinery Co. has upgraded its X-series vertical form fill seal bagging machine.

The machine now has stainless steel guard doors to better meet U.S. Department of Agriculture and other sanitation standards, according to a news release from Chicago-based Triangle.

Because there are no micropores on the new doors, there is less possibility of microbiological contamination. In addition, the open design and drainage areas allow for complete sanitation, and fewer control points to monitor saves time.

Also, Triangle’s stainless steel guard doors have rounded openings, making them easy to clean and sanitize.

Sanitation has been a key factor in the design of the X-series since its inception, according to the release.

The X-series baggers feature washdown-rated servo motors, an extended stainless steel top plate with drain and cross members rotated 45 degrees to facilitate “drip-drain-draw,” and stainless steel, bearing-free film rollers.