Fresh produce growers, handlers and processors who do not yet have on-farm food safety plans or manuals for audit compliance can get help developing them via a workshop at the University of California-Davis.

The workshop is set for April 2, with an optional half-day on April 3, according to the school’s Post Harvest Technology Center. The university plans to repeat the workshop Nov. 5-6.

Produce safety specialist Trevor Suslow, of the UC-Davis Cooperative Extension office, designed the workshop for operations that must be audit-compliant but may lack the background in the science of good agricultural practices and good handling practices to recognize problem areas.

Topics included on the workshop’s first day agenda include: introduction and awareness of good agricultural practices and good handling practices; on-farm hazard analysis and risk awareness; prevention and control strategies; learning from real-world examples; and resource identification.

Fees for the April 2 session are $350 and include registration, instruction materials, lunch, and an evening networking reception. Additional details are available online at: or by calling Penny Stockdale at 530-752-7672.

During the optional half-day session on April 3, participants will actually build their own food safety manual. Laptop computers are required for the second day and are available for rent for $70. The half-day session has an additional $125 registration/materials fee.